Dear Friends of Angel House,

After much consideration, we have decided to close our physical doors in Brunswick as well as the non-profit entity known as Angel House Center for Art and Creative Life Change, founded by Carol Dombrose, on November 30. This past year and a half, since Carol’s passing, has been a time of tremendous growth and change for us on the board of directors. With that change and growth, comes the time to let go and make space for even greater things to come. We will maintain our Facebook page, and encourage you to follow and participate in this metamorphosis.
Thank you and blessings,
The Angel House Board of Directors


We cannot change the world by a new plan, project, or idea. We cannot even change other people by our convictions, stories, advice and proposals, but we can offer a space where people are encouraged to disarm themselves, lay aside their occupations and preoccupations and listen with attention and care to the voices speaking in their own center.

~ Henri Nouwen